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Did you know that The Green Window Company donates old windows and doors to local charities for re-use?

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A better window and door, naturally

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Replacement windows and doors should reflect your personal sense of style, meet household needs such as reducing heating bills and increasing the resale value of your home, all while keeping within budgetary requirements.

This is why The Green Window Company takes the time to understand your personal needs before recommending any window or door from a trusted Canadian Manufacturer.  We remain committed to finding the most energy-efficient designs and greenest building materials available.  Of course, our focus on being green will always go deeper than that.

The Green Window Company takes extra care that will make a lasting difference.  Wherever possible, extra efforts are made during the installation process to gently remove existing windows & doors in order to give them a second lease on life.  Landfill diversion is one of our goals and we are known for exploring innovative options to achieve this end