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Did you know that The Green Window Company donates old windows and doors to local charities for re-use?

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Every window offers a view of the outside world.  However, the best options will also help to lower heating costs and enhance the look of your home.

Consider these steps when choosing replacement windows:

Reach for the ENERGY STAR
Windows and doors that quality for Energy Star ratings will cut your homes energy costs by 7-12%, block cold drafts, collect less condensation, as well as reduce noise from the outside world.  Features include double or triple-glazing, sealed insulating glass, low e coatings, argon gas, “warm edge” spacers and insulated frames.

Think hard about the hardware
Window cranks and locks will need to open and latch the window for years to come.  The fine print warranty will often show the faith that a manufacturer places in its’ window hardware.  Visit vinylbilt.com and see the difference quality makes.

Enhance the view
Don’t limit yourself to the designs of windows and doors that are being replaced.  A few extra architectural enhancements can dramatically change the look of a home.  Replacement windows come in all shapes and sizes while an endless array of grills can divide panes of glass to create an elegant look.

Mind your frame
Window frames can be made with several different building materials and every choice offers unique features and benefits.  The most common and economical of which is the vinyl (PVC) frame.  Vinyl (PVC) windows deliver an affordable, maintenance-free solution.  Today’s vinyl windows can be custom painted to suit any homes style, as well as reflect personal tastes.  Extremely durable, vinyl window frames and sashes also carry a lifetime warranty.

Install with care
Window installation is just as important as choosing the right window for your home.  Proper measurement and installation is key to achieving ultimate success in your project.  At The Green Window Company one of our installers or installation manager will visit your home and properly measure your windows and doors to ensure a custom fit, all while leaving enough room for ample insulation and proper finishing both inside and outside the home.  We use only real wood trim (no MDF), as well as the proper low expansion foams and sealants (caulking) in our installation process.  Making use of the best products that our industry offers, guarantees the best overall results.